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While many repair shops still use harsh and dangerous chemicals and acids, all brass cleaning at Emerson Musical Instrument Repair is done by environmentally safe methods. Pete Emerson is a leader in the research and development of environmentally safe cleaning methods.

These safe methods offer many advantages to the customer and the environment.

  • The finish on brass instruments is never damaged
  • Valve and slide action is made faster and smoother with less sticking
  • No chemical scents are left in the instrument for the player to inhale
  • Nothing gets flushed down the sink that can contaminate our ground water

Available Brasswind services include:

  • Clean and flush
  • Trombone slide alignment
  • Valve and casing repair
  • Mouthpiece pulling
  • Soldering of braces and ferrules
  • Pulling of frozen slides
  • Dent removal
  • Rotor valve repair and stringing
  • Silver polishing

Wholesale rates are available to music dealers when requested by mail or company fax.


Please call or email for your free estimate.


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