TME Vlogs: Change Your Strings This Way!

We've promised untold hundreds of customers that we'd get around to doing this over the years. And at long last, here's a reference video for those late night at-home string changes when you're wondering, "How does Joe Klompus get those string wraps so neat and even?" Whether you've got a guitar with a solid peghead or a slotted peghead, your days of bleeding fingertips and scratched guitars are over! And if you're one of those guitarists who likes to tie their strings in knots around the tuning posts ... we're here to help you break the habit. Enjoy, and leave us a comment if you've got ideas for future pointers from the shop!


  • Jim Cadorette

    Nice video although you might clip off the excess string a little closer to the post (ouch!).

  • Karen Lauterwasser

    Thanks! I had an octave G on a twelve string come loose after I clipped it off, leaving it too short to use. Ever since I have left the excess string wound in a little curl in case it happened again. I never considered measuring the string length.

    I also never have taken all the old strings off at one time. I guess I thought that releasing all that tension at once was not a good idea. Apparently it’s a reasonable thing to do.

  • Clarke Hambley

    Think I’ll change my strings. Happy New Year.

  • Janey

    A similar video on changing banjo strings would be great!

  • Randy Litwiller

    Thank you for that instruction video! Gees, its always been a painful process holding the top string in place while turning the tuner keys! Never thought about bending the string.

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