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Woodwind repair work by Emerson Musical Instrument Repair is done using only the highest quality and appropriate pads, corks and accessories. Although Emerson Musical Instrument Repair specializes in the complete Mechanical Overhaul (repad) of musical instruments, no job is too small.

Available woodwind repairs include:

  • Play condition inspection
  • Key brazing (silver solder)
  • Tenon and key cork replacement
  • Sax neck cork and flute head cork replacement
  • Spring replacement
  • Tenon fitting
  • Key and body polishing
  • Mechanical Overhauls

All Mechanical Overhauls consist of complete disassembly and cleaning of the instrument. All keys are refitted and plated keys are buffed and polished. Flute bodies are polished and minor dents are removed from saxophones and flutes. All pads and corks are replaced using only premium quality products. Cork pads are available for clarinets. The instrument is reassembled and adjusted to like-new play condition. After final adjustments are done the instrument is play tested.

Wholesale rates are available to music dealers when requested by mail or company fax.

Buescher 1928 Soprano Sax Before

Buescher 1928 Soprano Sax After

Please call or email for your free estimate.


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